Jelly beans

So I have this things with Jelly Beans. I LOVE them. I think it was because my mom always used to put them in our Easter baskets as kids. (I'm not however, a fan of those yellow marshmallow chick things).

The issue is that I have not been able to find regular, old fashioned Jelly Beans anywhere. I've seen the Jelly Bellys, Gourmet Jelly Beans and those Harry Potter Jellies that taste like odd things. What happened to just plain old Jelly Beans?

And here's the other thing, those Gourmet Jellys are seriously small! I need the entire bag to equal one regular sized Jelly Bean and I don't want to eat a Root Beer Jelly Bean.

I think that's the marketing ploy. If they're small and have an "exotic" taste then they must be really expensive. Hence..."gourmet."

For me...I'll take Yellow, Orange, Red etc.! Orange was my favorite (and remember those Orange Slices!) I used to separate out the white and black beans when I was a kid. I wasn't a licorice fan as a I'll take them ALL! Mmmmm!

OK now that I'm off my soap box, let's talk about Health Care. Might be novel for everyone to have coverage huh? I say put a Jelly Bean clause in the reform package!


Kathy said…
...have you been to Economy Candy on the LES? You would have a much fun. And yes you'll find jelly beans I'm sure...

Artistic1 said…
The thing is...I am not sure if the artificial color they might add to them is that healthy to qualify for the health plan. Otherwise...:)
Kate said…
CVS usually carries the regular jelly beans, but only during Easter season.

That's when I stock up because I have the same problem. I don't like the odd popcorn, cotton candy, etc flavored jelly beans. I'll take the plan orange, white, pink, red variety any day.

Speaking of really small jelly beans, have you seen the size of the Smuckers jelly beans? They're bursting with flavor but about the size of half a penny.
Erica said…
Check out Dylan's Candy Bar. We have one in Houston and I think the only other one is in New York. They have every candy known to man, and they might have pre-Jelly Belly jelly beans. Also, check out Target.
Joyce said…
You can buy Brach's Jelly Beans online at :

Make sure you click on

Brach's Jelly Beans AND
Brach's Easter Jelly Beans


Lauren said…
*giggles* Wow, James. You are hilarious. This was making me laugh. But, though, James You are right. What happened to the original jelly beans. The harry potter ones, are called Bertti Botts, Ever Flavored Beans! *grins* Just, in case you were wondering. *wink* Love Yea James.

- Lauren

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