New Site

So I've finally updated most of my site. We've still got some work to do on it.

We're going to add some photos and a bit of music, change some things around here and there but it's up and running.

Take a look, sign up for updates (which will be coming soon) and let us know your thoughts.


Artistic1 said…
The picture in "Photos" is one of my faves, but the one in "Media" is amazing...can't wait to see what more you will be adding. At last, a record of your impressive body of work.
Artistic1 said…
The changes have only enhanced your site...I am in love...with the whole concept, especially the colors you have chosen, the fonts, the pictures...but it would be nice to see pictures from all your work. In particular, I know I would love to see something from "The Ghost and Mrs Muir", etc...

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