A View From the Cone

Why the cone? Why? Others call it the cone of shame, some call it the cone of protection. I am forced to wear this device because of a spot I've been excessively scratching yet...I have other plans for...the cone.

Here I sit, cone around my neck waiting patiently for the little human to throw bits of food from the chair that is high. I've trained her well and we work together in the conspiracy to feed.

At times she even aims partially eaten bits of egg or cracker in my direction. To the big humans she appears to be bored with her food but I know it is merely a ploy, a scheme that my little owner and I have devised to fool them.

I bide my time knowing that in mere moments those delectable morsels will be mine.

My plan is to rush in when they stand from the table and slam my coned head down around the nutritious crumbs thus blocking all others from entering my eating space...

Cone of shame? HA! It is the CONE OF CONTROL! All the food will be mine I say...MINE!

I am preparing, I am salivating, my gaze fixed, I am CONE DOG!


Romie said…
This is great!! I laughed so hard :)
Artistic1 said…
Hope you have a great time tonight...it is truly wonderful how you go out of your way to do so many benefits. I am sure it is well appreciated by those it benefits.
Be well.
Artistic1 said…
I am extremely happy to see that they have recognized you with the honor of partaking in such a tribute...after all, you are part of that Broadway history, don't forget. Regardless, it is an honor and a great achievement be among such talent,and I am very happy for you.
Artistic1 said…
A very nice surprise today...congratulations on another triumph...:)
Andrea said…
Instead of just writing blog, you should write a book. Seriously, this is good stuff. :)

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