Nightmare Alley

Well this should be fun.

I'm going to be working on Nightmare Alley at The Geffen written by Jonathan Brielle and directed by Gil Cates.

It's a terrific story based on the William Lindsay Gresham novel of the same name and was also a film in 1947 with Tyrone Power.

I'm very excited about this project. The characters are rich and facet full. And the creative team is just to die for.

So keep your eyes posted and I'll get some updates as soon as I have them.


[soccerboy] said…
Congrats, Jim on the show! I can't remember, but I think we met last week at Clif's benefit perf of "From the East to the West" at NoHo Arts Center...? I played Roman. Anyway, congrats again - I hope you have a blast!
Artistic1 said…
...excellent choice for "Poetic License" CD.
Anonymous said…
Hi there!
I have recently become fascinated with all things Jane Eyre. It started withe the Masterpiece Theatre adaptation,followed immediately by reading the book and then quickly escalating (degenerating?) to include anything and everything JE. I stumbled on your blog when I found out about the musical about a month ago.

Since I was constantly blogging about JE anyways, a similarly afflicted friend and I decided to start an online celebration of the Bronte Sisters called the Bronte-Along and so far we have 29 bloggers participating with the first book - Jane Eyre, of course!

This morning, my dog Zeus woke me up early and as I lay there unable to sleep with songs from JE The Musical running through my head, I thought maybe you would enjoy participating in the project!

Most of the participants are focusing on the book, movies etc, but it I think it would be great to have the perspective of your experience playing Rochester.

Have a look, if you like:


( I wanted to email all this instead of leaving a book-length comment, but I couldn't find your address, what with you being all famous and everything.)

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