The ART of the gadget...

So I have the sometimes habitual trait of being a techno junkie...not really a bad thing except that it makes me want to get the newest and hottest item out on the market even when i don't need it.

When the Apple iPad was first announced I thought;

'Wow, what a cool device but I have absolutely no use for it.'

I already have a laptop that serves basically the same function and I
have a cell phone so I really don't need another one that's a "pad"....but then it hit.

Like some sad addiction (soy chai latte) I get the update that the iPad will be released in April and I rush to the Apple website to look at it again. Nothing has's still the same unit, same images, same pricing, same functions...but boy is it cool. has accessories...and anything with accessories is a must have in a guys world.

There is an iPad casethat is transformable (OptimusPrime) and that makes all the difference in the world. I don't want my iPad getting scuffed and I can also use it to prop up my iPad so that I can use it in a reclined position and watch movies in comfort or allow my daughter to watch Baby Singing Time downloads while we travel in the car...there's even an optional external keyboard for my iPad that makes it a versatile for office use, my iPad will...

Waaaait a minute... MY iPad? When did it become my iPad. I told myself that I didn't need one. I convinced myself that the functionality was something I already had covered. There is money better spent elsewhere...but I MUST have one! It has accessories!!! Damn marketing geniuses!!!

Well maybe in time. Priorities are priorities and baby's shoes are freakin' expensive! I think I'm going to invent the expandable, transformable kids shoe.

Holy Mackerel...somebody already did it!!! Expandable Shoes

Yes...but can the play a MOVIE!?!


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