Family, Apple Sauce and Nightmare Alley

Funny how all of those things run together but in many ways, in the field in which I find my work, they do.

Nightmare Alley proved to be a tough piece for me. It was just a long journey to take 8 times a week in terms of the characters arc. There is much discussion about where we go next and what changes will be made to solidify the piece. We're all very excited about the future. Now that Nightmare Alley has come to a close at The Geffen I can, for a very brief moment enjoy the family life to it's fullest once again.

And what a family it is! My amazing wife and beautiful child would come to the theatre every Sunday for family day between shows and we would find all sorts of fun things to do. She loves the stage...uh oh....and has already begun to sing and dance...uh oh. :)

The cast was amazing with her, playing, laughing, thanks to everyone over there for making her time in the green room so much fun. Apple sauce played a big part in it!

So now that I have a minute to breathe (other than a concert tomorrow night at The Geffen) I am taking as much time as possible to spend with my wife and child. The love and support of two of the most amazing people in the world makes life all the more beautiful. And the baby is as beautiful and as loving as her mom. Everyday I try to look at the world through her eyes and I'm amazed at the wonder of seeing things for the first time. The joy, the laughter, the extreme interest in all things big and small. Would that we could carry that into our adult lives...I suppose we can.

So...Onward to the next project...which I'll be announcing shortly.

Oh and by the way, many congrats to Nick Wyman...the new President of Actor's Equity Association!!


RoberMagic said…
Hey James!
Sounds like a very blessed and magical life you're leading!

All the VERY best for you and your family.

P.S. I love apple sauce!
andrew said…
Sounds like you had an absolute blast !!!

And please..... come back to Broadway !!

Kathy said…
congrats on finishing Nightmare. And ditto on the 'i hope u return to Bway' comment! and fyi- I just read that HAIR is closing in a few weeks, made me think of Tale and how much I miss it!
andrew said…
Dont even get me started on "Tale..." !! Miss it sooo much !!


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