James at St. John The Divine

Well it's been quite a while since the last update and that's because so very much has been happening. Where to begin:

Let's begin with the most pressing.


I'll be taking part in the Broadway Blessing at St. John The Divine in NYC on Monday, September 13th at 7pm. The evening is dedicated to Lynn Redgrave and is free to anyone who would like to attend.

See the link below:


I've been working on a new musical parody of Cyrano called SERRANO.
Directed by Joel Zwick. Written by Madeline Sunshine with music by Robert Tepper. It's pretty funny and you all know how I like funny. In fact I'm known for funny!

Seriously though it's a blast to get to do more comedy. Something that I love to do and for some reason really only get to do on TV (aside from Urinetown and my concerts). At any rate there are some incredible people involved with this. We're looking at a NY workshop sometime in the fall.


I am planning more Holiday Concerts this year, in fact they've become so successful that we have a multi city tour. All the details will be rolled out as we get closer but the cities planned are: New York, Sarasota, San Francisco, Los Angeles and we are looking at dates in Missouri and Michigan as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the details.


Other news is that we have an amazing new project on the horizon. One that I'm incredibly excited about. (Actually it has three parts). I've been working on phase one for over a year now. It's still in it's "hush hush" stage but I will tell you that the music is incredible. Jeremy Roberts and I have spent the better part of the last two months recording the CD.

YES! A new CD is on the horizon. The rough vocals are almost complete and we're in the orchestration stage.

I will say this...it's a "Giant" of a project (and I'm not talking James Dean or even a Peach).



Tammy said…
This is all wonderful news! I can't wait for Serrano... and the Holiday Concert...and the new CD! Looking forward to all your future projects!

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