It's Potty Time...THE MUSICAL!

So my sister sent me this DVD a few months ago to help us with the whole Potty Training thing. She said that her kids watched it and WHAM...they were Potty Trained in a matter of weeks. She also told me to bear in mind that the DVD is kinda old but for some reason the kids love it.

Well in the mail comes this DVD...we pop it in the Blu Ray Player and up pops this little movie which must have been made (by the looks of the clothing style) in the early 1980's, ya know parachute pants and all that. There are actually actors playing all of these roles, it's not animated it's a real movie musical about Potty Training, with little production numbers and original songs...the whole nine yards.

The premise is that it's "Bobby's Birthday" and everyone is getting ready to go to the party...but...we all have to make sure that we go to the Potty before we leave. (First song Today Is Bobby's Birthday).

We then cut to "Katie" learning that I Use My Potty When I Have To Poop. (One of our daughters favorites).

We then go to one of Bobby's friends "Lizzie" who sings about the Alphabet (what that has to do with Potty I don't know...maybe it's the comic number) and then she goes to the potty where she learns to Wipe, Wipe, Wipe Yourself (set to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat). Lizzie then demonstrates the process with her Teddy Bear.

(The only thing here as my wife pointed out, is that Lizzie sticks the Teddy Bears head INTO the toilet in order to accomplish this).

OK one lesson to avoid. Best not to put your head into a toilet unless you've had a rough night.

Having accomplished this task we then cut to another fan favorite: She Is A Super Duper Pooper! (And this is another one of our daughters Favs)

Now we are ready for the party. Guest arrive in throngs heaping presents on Bobby as they enter his backyard which has a stage set up ready for a full blown performance. Enter...The Clown.

Traditionally people are sometimes afraid of Clowns...not this one. He's actually pretty cool and sings the age old classic: I'm A Clown (and it's actually a pretty good number). The Clown performs magic tricks and somehow changes Bobby's plain clothing into Polka Dotted clothing right there on stage. The number even has juggling and magic and a streamer that gets pulled out of Bobby's ear!

(Again...what this has to do with Potty...ya got me. Perhaps he wanted to clarify that even though he is wearing giant red polka dots, clown make-up, big shoes and a clown nose that he is indeed A Clown).

Well as the tension builds and the Clown Show is about to reach it's zenith...Bobby raises his hand. "I have to go Potty." Then as if possessed by some otherworldly force of the bladder, two more boys hands shoot up, "Me Too!' and "Me Too!." Well who else would lead the three boys to the bathroom....none other than...The Clown (whaaa?).

Needless to say the three boys accomplish their task to the swinging rendition of Tra La La Boom Dee Ey I Push My Pants Away and we finish up this musical section with This Is The Way I Wash My Hands (same tune as This Is The Way The Farmer Rides).

All the kids rush back to the party where they enter a what? A JUMPY. Better known in my day as a Moonwalk. Inside the Jumpy/Moonwalk are inflatable beach balls that are battered around the space. We now reach our 11'oclock number: Let's Play Ball.

This sequence is shot in super cool slow-motion with everyone joyously jumping around the's time to celebrate, after all we have all gone potty!

And as the day winds down to evening we find Bobby in his bed plum tuckered out from a wonderful birthday. As a reprise of Today Is Bobby's Birthday but this time interchanging the Is with a Was...(reminds me of how the great Oscar Hammerstein interchanged If I Loved You to How I Loved You at the end of Carousel) Bobby reaches over and shuts off his bedside lamp and drifts off to sleep.


As soon as the movie finished...our daughter says..."More" so we played it again, and again...and again. The end result (aside from me knowing all the songs by heart) is that she walks into the bathroom looks at the potty flushes it, washes her hands...she'll get it...she's so close! Such a smart kid.

Yesterday she was eating breakfast and said..."Daddy?" I replied "Yes sweetie?" She said "I'm a clown" and promptly did I.

It's Potty Time...THE MUSICAL!


Romie said…
Oh my goodness - that was so funny, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants :)
Tammy said…
James, this was hysterical! I have 4 year old twin boys and they loved watching the Elmo potty I can honestly say I feel your pain!

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