the iPad

So I've been jonesing for an iPad.  But like all things technical as soon as I were to get one it would become obsolete and if not obsolete the newer version would have cooler stuff.

I've had this discussion with my buddy Mitch from time to time about how long to wait before one buys a piece of technology.  The old one was was do I wait for the iPhone to become available on Verizon or do I just jump into like a lemming and get the current version.

I of course, jumped in and 6 months later it's now available on Verizon.

So I wait for the forward facing camera on the new iPad (rumored of course) or do I just get the damn thing and be done with it?  Procrastination was never my thing.  I'm a "just do it" kind of guy when it comes to making choices such as this but for some reason I've been hesitating.

And of course now I'm looking at all the rumors (not a big rumor guy myself) but the word on the street is that the iPad2 is just around the corner.  There are just so many things I could do with it from personal to professional.  Not to mention it's super coolio!

What I do love is my Apple TV.  Not only is it totally cool too, but I can watch the screeners of all the nominated movies through iTunes in my living room bypassing the DVD player.  What a stellar idea and it's "green."  So thanks to all the studios that agreed to that option.

As a side note.  A great marketing idea for Apple...not that they need it.  Have a commercial shot from the stage of a Broadway theatre in technical rehearsal.  Lights out on stage and in the house. Then have each person on the creative and technical teams power up their laptops.  It happened one night during TALE tech.  The house was a sea of glowing white apples.  It was one of the coolest images I'd seen in a while.

To iPad or not to iPad?


Willie Watters said…
I just received an iPad as a gift from a good friend. I use the MacBook daily, writing books, show reviews and more but the iPad is something I'd never buy myself, or if I did, it'd be down the line, so to speak. Now, I'm thrust into getting with it as the girl who gave it asks everyday if I've gotten around to activating her gift.
You performers who are so often on the road are making such great use of the new stuff like the iPad. I'm here, at home in Las Vegas, hoping to follow you leaders.
andrew said…
I have heard the same about the iPad2 being right around the corner--- I am just happy that I finally figured out how to use my e-reader !!

I am totally technically challenged.

Thank heavens for Mei !!


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