Holy Anagrams Batman that was fun!

We announce the winers today and I have to say first that we were blown away by the number of responses to both questions.  

You guys are awesome!

Many of you got the correct answers but we had to pick our winners by who was the first person to post the correct answer and so here they are:

Kristin M. was the first person to guess that the Coachman's name was "Tom" so congratulations Kristin!  

Now for the Anagram:

The Rising of Wealthy Cervus Canadensis

Please note the order in which the clue words are written.

We are actually going to choose two winners and here's why.  The Anagram below actually eludes to the genus of a group of Deer (in this case Elk, plural, more than one Elk).

It would be like saying "The Rising of Wealthy Man." "Man" referring to Mankind (many people).

However, some people might say that Mankind as a group is singular so...we've chosen two winners.

Joshua F. was the first to guess the correct answer in the correct order: "Ascend Rich Elks"


Ilene was the first to guess the singular form "Ascend Rich Elk."

So Congratulations to you all!

We're gearing up for another fun contest so keep your eyes peeled!

For the three winners please send where you would like your prizes mailed to and we'll get your prizes out to you ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone for playing!  

See you at Birdland.


Titania said…
I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your concert at Birdland. When I hear you sing, I get so emotional I start to cry! I'm already looking forward to the next concert!

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