Fat and Merry

Great googlie mooglie!

I am stuffed.  Nothing like Thanksgiving to give you that;
"Oh my god I can't eat anymore...ok where is the pie?" feeling.

Now (even thought I've been playing it for a few weeks) I can officially play Holiday music full note and I can also break out the Christmas decorations. I have to admit I've had one decoration up all year...don't tell anyone.

So I am Fat and Merry and putting up the decorations, many of which I've has since I was a kid and they hold so many memories for me.

So let's do something...anyone else out there have an old ornament or two that they've had forever? Something that has passed down through the generations?

I'd love to hear about it.  Add a comment to the blog and I'll post them.  If you have photos let me know and we'll figure out a way to get those up on the blog as well.

OK now down to the fun.  The days are getting closer and the tickets are getting more rare. 

CLICK HERE for NY tickets


CLICK HERE for LA tickets.

OK as a side note...I googled "old christmas ornaments" and hit "images....when you scroll down amidst all the images is a photo of Neil Patrick Harris.  Try it...I love NPH.


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