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Genetically I think I'm pretty good in terms of my heart (at least I think so).  I don't eat a ton of junk and I'm pretty fit.  But as I move up in age (no I'm not 20 anymore) I'm thinking more and more about longevity...especially now that I had the two little angels in my life.  

I've often mentioned that for me doing a Broadway show is like playing a professional sport. There is a tremendous amount of prep involved and depending upon what you're doing IN the show, your body goes through a great deal of stress.  Singing constantly also takes it toll. 

So as part of my research on supplements and such for my current program for REBECCA I came across this from the website.  I urge you to read it.

What is Ubiquinol?

Your body naturally produces CoQ10 and then converts it to its active form Ubiquinol, the nutrient essential for cellular energy function. It is the key component in 95% of your body’s energy production, and provides sustained, natural energy from within. In addition, Ubiquinol delivers antioxidant protection that CoQ10 can’t provide, and protects your heart and other organs from free radical damage.
Around the age of 30, your body’s ability to produce and convert CoQ10 to its active form Ubiquinol diminishes significantly. Taking a Ubiquinol supplement helps to restore optimal levels of Ubiquinol in the body that would otherwise diminish with age and various health conditions, including fatigue and aging. Some prescription medications can further deplete the amount of CoQ10 produced in your body.
Supports Heart Health
Ubiquinol is essential for heart health because it provides cellular energy to the heart, the organ in the body that requires the most energy to perform at its best. Unlike conventional CoQ10, Ubiquinol is an antioxidant, so it provides even more protection to the heart.
Statin Drugs
Ubiquinol also is ideal for persons on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. In addition to reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the liver, statin drugs can reduce the amount of CoQ10 in the liver as well. A lack of CoQ10 in the body can lead to chronic fatigue and muscle pains.
Ubiquinol provides Natural Energy
Health conditions such as stress, fatigue and aging diminish the amount of Ubiquinol found in the body. Ubiquinol is a key component in 95 percent of the body’s energy production. Taking an Ubiquinol supplement helps to restore optimal levels the body needs to feel healthy and energized. Although most will not get a stimulant effect from taking Ubiquinol, many describe the energy benefits from Ubiquinol as feeling a lack of tiredness that they usually experience throughout the day.
Support for Vital Organs
Supplementing with Ubiquinol will restore healthy levels of CoQ10 in plasma and organs for more efficient energy production. This typically results in more energy and stamina, as well as better overall health.
Slowing of the aging process
Ubiquinol is the strongest known lipid soluble antioxidant. It protects cells against damage from free radicals and oxidative stress, which are associated with the aging process and many age-related conditions.
You can find a ton more information at:

There is also a new blog that has information as well.  

And it has links to the ARIIX product: biopro Q.  

It's Ubiquinol.

I just ordered mine.  

Now some people have been writing in and asking me about them.  They're incredible products and from my research have the highest ratings, FDA approved etc.  

Obviously I'm not a doctor so I'm relying on the same information you would in terms of this stuff.  So good!

Here's a video that talks about the Quality and manufacturing standards:

ARIIX Manufacturing Standards from ARIIX CHANNEL on Vimeo.

Here's a cool thing...I found out that you can get a discount on the products by becoming a preferred customer.  

At our house we have basically switched over to this company and are having all the vitamins and supplements automatically sent to us in the mail.  Not only does it save time but we get the discount as well.  I'll put a link at the bottom of the page.  Same link I used to get my supplements.

I really like what ARIIX is doing.  You know me...I always try to find the good in things.  And the ARIIX mission statement is "Unleashing The Human Potential For Good."  (Kinda perfect).  

Given that these products are non GMO (not Genetically Modified) and given that, I've, so far, had some great results...I'm sticking with them for the duration.  

Here's the link to sign up as a preferred customer.  This is what we did and we get a substantial discount on the products.  I look at it this way...a little investment in my health will pay dividends in the long run:


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