Some news stuff

OK gang...

There wil be some great new stuff hitting the net in a few short days (some in a matter of a couple of weeks).

They include but are not limited to:

1.  The workshop of a new Musical (I get to be funny...I think) in NYC in May.
2. Recording the demos for yet another new Musical about one of my favorite characters of all time!
3. New concerts
4. Broadway
5. A contest that I want to invite EVERYONE to participate in.  The prize on this is two will not only benefit you in the long run (and in fact everyone who enters the "challenge") but the ultimate winner will get one heck of a WIN!  The prize is going to be awesome!

OK that's just the short list...

For those of you who Tweet...follow me.  @james_barbour 

We are going to have some FUN, FUN, FUN!


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