For those of you who really know me or have seen some of my concerts...I'm kinda goofy.  Not as in "Goofy" the Disney character but goofy like dorky - goofy, goofy.

I'm happy to say that i get to release a bit of the goofy side in SERRANO, the new show I'm currently working on with Joel Zwick.

The cast is great, with so many friends, Jessica Rush, Chad Doreck, Conrad John Schuck, Michael Nouri, Jay Winnick, Eddie Korbich, Brian Beacock, Michelle Duffy and many more.  Many of us have been working on this project for a couple of years now and to see it progress this far is incredibly rewarding.

The show is filled with dresses and wigs and stockings and heels...and women's costumes are great as well.  It's so "wrong" it's right.

I also get to wear a nose (even bigger than my own).

Don't forget...I am going to start a "Get Healthy With Me" contest as I prep for the opening of REBECCA and all entries will eligible to win a pretty incredible prize which will be randomly chosen from all of those who participate.  So keep your eyes peeled for information on that.


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