OLIVER - Rebecca


It constantly amazes me how much theatre people can get accomplished in just a short amount of time.  The OLIVER benefit for the Irish rep was one of those things.  Brian Stokes Mitchell and Melissa Erico were absolutely incredbile.

Stokes and I had never really worked together before in this capacity (other than the occasional benefit thingy) and after this experience I'll be the first in line to share the stage with him again.  He's truly remarkable on and off stage.

Melissa and I have shared the boards a few times and no matter what it is we have a blast doing so.  (By the way during our rehearsals her husband Patrick McEnroe won the French Open Legends of Tennis doubles competition with his brother John)

Here are some pics from rehearsal and performance.  

Sorry to say I don't know who took these shots so forgive me for not crediting them (if you know who took them please let me know as I think it vital to give credit where credit is due)

OK next for me if Korea.  They are presenting a Korean Production of A TALE OF TWO CITES and Brandi and I have been asked to fly over and sing a concert in honor of the opening.  We'll be there in July.  

And then of course...REBECCA on Broadway!

Tickets are on sale now so get 'em while they're hot. 

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