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OK so for a few weeks now I've been writing about a journey/event that I'm embarking on as I draw near rehearsals for REBECCA on Broadway.

I'm going to give you guys a little snippet of what I've got planned with most of the details rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

So here's the deal; I want YOU to join me on this journey.  

From those who join in and actually participate, one random "winner" will be chosen.  That person will get two tickets to see REBECCA on Broadway plus a couple of other nice treats to go with it which I'll tell you about once the program is officially launched.

OK, OK, OK...What is the journey?

WeIl some of you know I'm kind of a health freak.  And some might remember me losing the 29 pounds (healthily I might add) prior to starting rehearsals for A Tale Of Two Cities.

And what does that have to do with this "journey" you might ask? 

Well I've gained my baby weight back.  Meaning after we had our first child my life got suddenly even MORE filled with things to do and I stopped focusing on my health.  I stopped working out, stopped eating right, slept less and made every excuse under the sun to avoid what was painfully obvious to me.  I was getting unhealthy.  (As I write this I'm sitting in a hotel room in Tennessee eating pizza?!  What the heck am I doing?!!)

I have to change that and I want YOU to get healthier with me.  

I want us all to do it together. 

Look I know there are those of you out there that don't belong to a gym, don't want to join a gym, don't work out...that's totally fine. can think of limiting the amount of sugar you consume. Maybe drink less soda, eat more fruit, even try to de-stress yourself...whatever.  

It's your health (and mine) that I'm concerned with here.  

So keep the above in your mind and over the next couple of weeks you'll see how this entire thing is going to roll out.  We'll help each other.  It's going to be fun and have a great purpose as well.

Spread the word to anyone you want, sign up for twitter @james_barbour , my newsletter and the blog.  This is where it's all going to happen.

One major point:

I'm not a doctor and make no claims to be nor am I making any health claims with what I'm doing.  This is my disclaimer that you need to be responsible for yourself, see a doctor before starting any kind of new health/fitness regime.  (We will, however, be consulting experts and MDs with articles and the like)

And major point number two: 

This is not going to be a "best results" oriented thing.  Everyone will have different results and the goal is just to make some changes in how we are treating ourselves.  That's why the winner is chosen randomly. The key is the effort, as long as we are committing ourselves and pushing forward, even the smallest change is a change.

I'll be launching a new webpage for this journey very shortly and once it's live you can go there and "sign up" to get rolling.  

OK there's a snippet.  More will be coming out soon.  I'm looking forward to us all working together to change our lives, our bodies and our minds.  



LEason said…
Started already - can't wait to hear all the details!
LEason said…
Got my goals set - hoping to win!!

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