God It's High

As I embark on this journey that is Les Miserables I consider three things.

1. I have less than 2 weeks to learn this entire score
2. I have less than 2 weeks to learn this entire score
3. I have less than 2 weeks to learn this entire score

And then I think of something else...

This is a beautiful story.  I remember the first time I saw the show.  

I took a very dear friend of mine, Paige Davis, to see it on broadway and www both sat there with our mouths agape.  The 3 hours flew by as if it were mere minutes.  For years after that we would remember that night.  In fact we had once each written a letter to each other and without knowing had put the words "To Love Another Person is To See The Face Of God" on the outside of the envelopes we sent.

Paige is married to the incredible actor Patrick Page and both are great friends to this day.

But back to Les Mis...I've never done the show, although I did audition for it a few times in my early career and then there was some interest in my doing one of the tours.  But ultimately as I've mentioned before, it's never worked out.  So I figured when my friends asked (Cathy Rigby and Tom McCoy) why not try to do it in less than 2 weeks!  YIKES

I was talking with Jill Santoriello and she said, heck if you go up on the words, just sing something in French, nobody will know the difference!  That made me laugh.

Ultimately I'm very excited to work on this project and have been listening to the symphonic recording for about a week already.

One thing is for sure...I love singing this music!  It's high but as one of my opera friends says...I'm a lazy tenor.

Here is a link for tickets:  CLICK ME

I'm excited to get started and I'll be chronicling the journey with Tweets, Instagram and Video.

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