Dracula - Halloween

For those of you who were at my last concert in Los Angeles you heard that I'm going to be launching a series of concerts over the next few months and we are starting with...

The music of Frank Wildhorn's Dracula.  The date will be Thursday October 30th in Los Angeles and to top it off we want you to come in costume.  It's gonna be one heck of a costume party.

Brandi Burkhardt, who was my leading lady in A Tale Of Two Cities and who now appears on the CW networks Hart Of Dixie has agreed to sing Mina (subject to availability) and I've got some pretty awesome other performers who are in the line up as well.

Tickets will be going on sale shortly and to be updated on when they are released sign up for the free James Barbour Newsletter in the box below.

And as always please visit www.JamesBarbour.com for all the cool stuff.


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