Your Worst Enemy

   YOU are your own worst enemy.  Has anyone ever said that to you?

     In the entertainment world, specifically the world of performers, this phrase is all too common.  We self sabotage, self invalidate and self destruct.  But it holds true for everyone, business people, athletes and students alike.

     Have you ever gone into a job interview with butterflies in your stomach?  Gone into a final exam in school and worried about what the result will be before you've even taken your seat? Those of you who are actors or performers out there, have you ever had that nervous feeling before an audition or performance?

     We've all had that feeling.  I've spoken to many people about this and the one common denominator is that most everyone is worried about the RESULT BEFORE they've even done anything to create an effect and therefore a result.  You're worried about what the other person will think, about whether they think you're right for the job, talented enough, have the right look, the right skill set, the right anything. Nervousness then begins to take over and butterflies start fluttering in your stomach, your hands start to shake, your pulse races a bit faster, you're not as calm  even though you practiced and practiced over and over.  You have everything set and you are extremely confident. walk into the interview and all your hard work goes out the window in a flash.

     Now, provided that you've planned and properly prepared yourself (this is a KEY point for you must be prepared), there is really no reason and I mean NO reason why you should be nervous.  Yet it happens doesn't it? Why?

     Let me ask you this?  Do you get nervous buying a cup of coffee?  Ordering breakfast at a diner?  Talking to your friends on the phone?  Probably not.  So then whats the difference?

     The difference is you.  You are your own worst enemy in this situation.  You're putting up blockades that don't exist. Try to look at it this way.  The person interviewing you WANTS to find the right person.  They want you to succeed and do well because they want the best person for that job and are usually eager to find that person.  Same goes true for an audition or even taking a test.  99.9% of the time the people who you think are judging you are just waiting for YOU to walk in the door.

     You've planned, you've practiced and you've drilled your material.  You are the right person and if this job doesn't happen know then there was some other factor that came into play that has nothing to do with you.  Be the best YOU you can be and stop worrying about the result.

     Here's a little exercise I want you to do with me.  Someone did this with me years ago. I can't remember who originated this, but it's kind of cool.

     I want you to picture an elephant.  Big, gray, long trunk, tusks, the thin tail flicking back and forth and those big floppy ears.  OK do you have that image in your head?  Add some detail to that image.  Got the picture?  Good.

     Now I want you to picture a flea in the palm of your hand.  Put big false eyelashes on the flea and put a big Cat In The Hat red and white top hat on it's head. Good. Get tat image of the flea solid in your mind. Can you picture that flea?

     Now as quickly as you forgot about that elephant to think of that flea, that's as quickly as you can change your mind and your determinism.  It's all up to you.  Remember everything else, the naysayers, the doubters, the haters...they're all just noise.  You can turn them off just by thinking of that flea.  Because in reality, they're smaller than that tiny flea in the palm of you hand.

     Here's another exercise:

     See if you can list 5 things that you do that create unnecessary obstacles in your life. Write them down. Look at them and I bet you'll find that when you are really connected to yourself...those thing are merely fleeting thoughts.  Create the situation YOU want, see it, know that it is your reality and soon you'll find that those obstacles begin to diminish. After all they're only considerations that you put can just as easily take them away.

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This quote below is from the webpage of New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone. Read it, know it, live it. 


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