Football, Fat and The Future

Super Bowl Sunday

To many that means parties, pizza, chips, soda and the biggest game of the year. All of the excitement that comes with two teams battling it out on the gridiron to see who comes out the victor and this years NFL Champions.

Here's something I want you to think about.  Those very men who we will be watching are at the height of their field.  They work continually to better themselves and their game.  And this includes their physical body.  After all Football is a sport and a contact sport at that.  They need to be in peak physical condition to maintain the stress that their bodies go through during a season. 

I would put it out to you that you need to do the same thing.  No matter if you're an accountant, actor, musician or teacher, your health is THE vital component of your life.  To put it bluntly if you're not healthy than it doesn't matter what job you have.  You'll not be working at your optimum.  You know it and I know it.  

I know it because I fell into that trap two years ago.  Prior to that I was a health freak.  I would be at the gym at least an hour a day and I would eat very healthy foods.  Well I woke one day and found myself 30 pounds overweight.   

It didn't happen overnight (even though it seemed like it did).  And it didn't matter how or even why I gained all that weight, the bottom line was that I had to change it. 

And change I did.

I went through an 8 week program and that program changed my life.

I'm going to share it with you.  It's not something that I've talked about on a massive public scale but it's time to do so.  

I know people struggle with the subject of weight loss.  In fact I would say it's the number 1 New Years Resolution (and we know the statistics on keeping those resolutions). As such when I find something that can help it's incumbent upon me to do so.

I'm sharing it for two reasons.

1. People saw the change in me. It was pretty drastic and as such I was continually and I mean continually asked how I got the results I did.

2. I want to help people and as I stated above when I have an opportunity to do so...I must.  

Short story is that I went through an 8 Week beta test of a Fat Loss Program for Men and in just over 6 weeks I lost 34.6lbs with no exercise.  

It's a healthy and safe program.  No HCG, no diet pills, we ate real food (and a ton of it) with great supplements.  It's all completely natural and was based on a double blind clinical study.

The photos are my before and after.  I started the program at 221 lbs and ended at 186 lbs.  I've never felt better.

That Men's program is now available to the public with the women's program following VERY shortly.  I invite you to click the link below and experience the program for yourself.

Go ahead, eat the pizza, the chips and drink the soda.  But tomorrow...think about your body and your health and start the journey to your healthy future.

Click the link below now

Please feel free to share the above link with anyone who you feel wants to get healthier.

And Ladies, keep this link because it will eventually have the women's program connected to it.  


You can also click this link below to sign up for updates on the program including the roll out of the women's program.   There's also a little video from me and a more in depth explanation of my journey.

I'm creating a Team of like minded people who want to change their lives and help the lives of others.  Join me.  Join my team.


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