Are you broke?

Are You Broke?

It's a question we are faced with everyday.  Do you have enough money to pay your bills, rent, eat? 

story on AP stated that a recent poll taken showed that "Two-thirds of the US would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover $1000 in an emergency."  This was true for all income levels.  Do you find yourself as part of that Two-thirds?

This isn't something to be taken lightly and I talk about this all the time.  You break a tooth and need a crown.  In New York City it's about $2800 to get that done.  That's a pretty lame example but it's also a pretty tame example.  There are far more severe emergencies that might arise.  Something with your kids, your parents, your home, your car.  

Bottom line: GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT!  We are headed into what I see as an economic downturn and if you think it's hard to come up with that $1000 now imagine how hard it will be when the economy dips...(and it will).  Not having the necessary money to live can and often does cause a great deal of stress.  That stress diverts us from the pursuit of or goals (both professionally and familiar).

For you artists out there we have even LESS stability than the average person who has a 9-5 job.  It's imperative that you confront your finances and figure out how you can stem the OUTFLOW of money and increase the INFLOW of money.  

Here's a little need more outflow of your work and ideas to create the inflow.

The good IS possible to create that stability even if you are an artist. YES YOU CAN even in this economic environment and even if you are pursuing a career in an unstable filed.

I don't buy into the "starving artist" theory.  In fact, I reject it altogether.  In my mind to truly flourish and reach your career goals it's important to have as much stability as possible.  Stability makes the pursuit of your dreams a goal driven and focused event rather than a desperate attempt to achieve something in the face of extreme odds.

I'm working on a series of video modules focused on helping the artist achieve their dreams and goals while simultaneously creating stability both financially and mentally.  By the way, the principles I'm going to lay out work for any profession it's just that I have a dedicated understanding of the struggles of the artist and as such I'm focusing there first.  It is my sincere desire to help you achieve your dreams.

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