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Optimism Be optimistic in the face of adversity. Easier said than done. There's an irony there, almost like a Buddhist riddle. To attain enlightenment one must let go of of attachments yet if we let go of attachments then why the need to "attain" enlightenment?  It's a conundrum and I believe it's why people spends their lives in search of the answers. Look, life can be freaking tough, REALLY freaking tough. The challenges huge and daunting and scary. I don't care who you are or what image you present to the world,  each and every one of us has known adversity  and  each and every one of us has known fear. There was volatility in my life at an early age, in fact I lived in a constant state of instability. I presented this facade of a happy kid, a funny, goofy guy who brushed off the challenges like water off a ducks back as if they didn't affect me. This was far from the truth. It was almost as painful hiding it as it would have been to wear the emotions o

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