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Happy New Year

Seasons Of Love

Military Wonders

Deborah Gibson and Things

Boxing Day

Happy Holidays

Sardis and Dinner

First Show


The Stars Align

Miss America, Marla Schaffel and Noel Coward

Tony Walton and The Radio

Sunny Saturday


Posters and Street Musicians

Special Guest - 2

First Guest


Snowy Saturday

Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby Einstein





Turkey Overload

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting Ready For The Big Day

Holidays and Family

The Holiday Concert

Natalie's CD

Lessons from a Babe

Waiting and Waiting

Cold ears warm heart

Cold and Wind

Interviews and sing-a-long

Sunday Salon

Closer and Closer

Cristo Reading

Crusty Cristo

Mon Dieu

A New Day

Last Show

Video Of Tale

Maya Angelou

The Scoop

The Situation

A Tale of Two Cities and Broadway Cares

James Barbour Cartoon

Saturday Soiree

Happy Halloween

Joey Reynolds

Stage Craft

Broadway Cares

Robert Redford, Kenneth Cole and the Sundance Institute

Flooding the theatre

Friday Festivities...

The Asolo

The Last Chapter of the James Barbour Romance

Monday Night Off...

CBS and Miss America

CBS Interview

The United Nations Performance

United Nations

Monte Cristo

James Barbour's Wife Chapter Three

A Nine Show Week

Oops! NBC cuts into President Bush's speech about economy with ad for 'A Tale of Two Cities'