Album vs Single

So here's a question I've been toying with for a while.

When people download music do they usually download and entire album or just a single from that album?

Obviously if you buy the CD in a store you get the entire thing but with the advent of digital music downloads that option is no longer the only option.

What about the idea of releasing a single in anticipation of the entire CD coming out at a later date. I mean heck, most radio station only play one song from a full CD anyhow.



Siobhan said…
I usually download single songs never whole albums.Although I will listen to a song clip from each song and download only the songs I love.
A said…
For me, it depends entirely on the artist/band. If I heard a song that I liked (on a TV show or wherever), I'll usually just buy the song. If, over time, I find out that I like more and more of the individual songs, then I'll eventually buy the album.
Andrew said…
I Generally will purchase the entire album, especially if it is a shows album, but when it comes to non musical theatre related music, it is usually just the one song that i will download. Hope this helps
Linda said…
Hi James: Your blog is probably not the place to get the most unbiased opinion on cd versus single. As your fans, we would snatch up any and all recordings, including singing a Cheerios jingle.
Kathy said…
I think a single is a great idea. It gives ppl something to get excited about. Leave them wanting more right? Building anticipation is a step that should never be skipped in marketing! While it may mean that some ppl will only buy the single at first, over time they might be persuaded to buy the whole album once they get inspired. I find I do this a lot on one 'trendy' song then later come back to buy more songs or the whole album...long comment but hopefully helpful!
~can't wait for the tale tunes!
Rae said…
If it's musical theatre related and I already know the songs on the album (and love the artist!), I will go ahead and buy the whole cd.

Non-musical theatre related music, I will only buy songs I've already heard. Or sometimes I will just listen to them on Rhapsody, rather than actually buying them.

If I *know* I am going to buy the album later on, I won't bother with the single, I'll just wait for the whole cd.

Also, I agree with Linda, and would gladly go for the Cheerios jingle. =D
Lauren said…
I only buy songs individually if I know I'm only interested in certain songs. If it's something that I really want (like the upcoming TSO cd), I'd wait to buy the entire album. In this case, I love all Christmas songs and any song that you sing, so I'd definitely just wait for the whole album!
Amy said…
I think the single is a good idea. I usually buy whole albums, but then I guess I'm old fashioned; I usually go for actual CDs if the option is available! But I know a lot of people who download singles. Besides, it will build anticipation, like other people have said.
Rebecca said…
Like Andrew, I only buy the whole album if it's a cast album or soundtrack. And, after 4 years of iPod ownership, I've discovered something horrifying. Having access to so much music has made me less familiar with the music I own...and less satisfied with it. I was far more appreciative (in every sense of the word) when I got one new album per year than I am now with the bounty of iTunes, gift music, and CDs from the public library. I'm becoming so wide instead of deep, my comprehension is deteriorating into near musical illiteracy.

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