James Barbour Actor, 5 finger shoes and ton of veggies

Ok so now that I have to get really skinny again...ugh! I'm going on a protien and veggie diet (I know, I know I have to stop the Starbucks)so hopefully that and the dancing...yes I said dancing will help me drop the pounds.

I had a costume fitting the other day...OMG! I'm in some pretty wild outfits as is the entire cast.

Obviously this role is a departure from what I normally do, and as I mentioned in the last blog...that's exactly why I wanted to do it. The role of an actor is, in my mind, to create characters that an author has penned and bring those characters to life on the stage or screen. Stretching the boundaries of those characters is something that has always interested me and this role is indeed a stretch from the "normal fare."

I can't tell you how many people have sent messages filled with ethusiastic fervor about me playing Frank. And I have to tell ya...so far...it's a ton of fun!

This cast in absolutely incredible. We've got a myriad of talented performers and I'm honored to be working with them. Such hard workers, devoted to their crafts. Accomplished singers, dancers and actors, talk about triple threats.

Now...I've had knee and back issues for some time, injuries from various sports or shows that I've done, and dealing with them over the years has been quite a journey. For you ladies out there, I have empathy...how on earth do you wear those heels?

Playing Frank I'm going to be in some pretty big pumps and my knees...holy cow do they hurt after a while. That and my lower back. My amazing wife has been giving me exercises (she's a master with this stuff and those exercises have really helped.

But I found something else that has really made a huge difference...one of the guys in our cast, has these shoes...

5 finger Vibram shoes that are like gloves for your feet. They're basically flat with a thin layer of rubber on the bottom. It's as if you are walking bare foot with a protective coating on the soles of your feet.

I'm no doctor but I noticed that when I wear regular shows I slam my heel into the ground when I walk, with these Vibram shows I don't do that as much and subsequently my knee joints don't get the jolt as they do when I wear regular shoes. I love them!

Ok so my question to you guys is this...would you like to meet the cast? I'm thinking about doing interviews with the cast, not really about the show but about them as actors and people. Doing short posts and getting their insights, projects they're working on etc. I thought it might be fun!



Unknown said…
I love the idea of meeting the cast. Would be nice to hear from them. Have enjoyed the Press Photos of everyone and can't wait to see the costumes in person.
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see the costumes in person. Your 6'4" frame in high heels is going to be impressive.

Glad to hear you are having fun with your new adventure.

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