Getting back in shape now that the Holidays are drawing to an end I have got to start thinking about getting back in shape for REBECCA. 

For those of you who were following the blog during A TALE OF TWO CITIES you'll recall that I dropped about 29 pounds to play Sydney Carton.  I did it with proper food intake and exercise, not to mention supplementation.

Disclaimer here...I'm not a nutritionist nor a doctor.  I'm only going by what works (ed) for me and will apply that principle once again.  

So the first thing I did this time was to look for the best supplements I could find and I found them.  I'm going to go with non GMO products (that's non Genetically Modified Organism)

Without going into a ton of detail:  take a look at this site if you want more info on non GMO foods. You'd be surprised at what you're eating: GMO Click the link to the left

So...once I decided to go with non GMO I went on a search and found a brand new company dedicated to making the highest quality supplements available.  They are a so new that only a few of their products have been released but I'm already taking them and they are pretty amazing.

Take a look here: ARIIX  

The company is called ARIIX and they're are manufacturing the some pretty cool stuff.

So this is my first step in getting back into my "working" shape for REBECCA.  Doing 8 shows a week can be a taxing endeavor and with the new baby in our lives, sleep comes at a premium.  I always make sure that I'm keeping myself as fit as possible not only for the sake of my work, but also for the sake of my family as well.

As the days progress I'm going to document the journey.  If it can help anyone out there reading this then I'm glad. 

Happy New Year!  

Here's to smaller waist size!


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