Photos of Paige Davis

Hey gang,

So last night was a load of fun.  

Paige and I disclosed some "inside scoop" about each other that only a few people know. 

Here's some photo coverage from 

(Apparently, so I'm told...I'm sporting my Russell Crowe look)

I stopped just for a few moments so that we could all get a peek of Hugh Jackman coming out of The Broadhurst.  Such a great guy and great performer.

By the by...kudos to the incredible Warren Carlyle for directing a great show.  So talented!

Tonight is Andrew Samonsky from South Pacific.  Gonna be a blast.

There is  2 for 1 special for tonight and tomorrow night with Tony Harnell.

Call 212-868-4444 and get two general admission seats for the price of one.


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