Savory Sardi's Sessions...

Here are a few photos from the November 10th Sardi's Concert
taken by a great photographer and great friend
Mitchell Kantor

The amazingly talented and equally as beautiful Jill Paice

Me gesturing dramatically toward my musical director Jeremy Roberts.

The Holiday Concerts are getting packed already.  
We SOLD OUT on the November 10th show very quickly so please don't miss the chance to come and share some Holiday fun with us December 6th, 7th and 8th.


Below is The Bring Me Giants Educator Pack (based on my CD) created by and in association with The Weiner/Nusim Foundation.  

This is a great educational tool.

Very proud of this effort.

Post show interview (notice the Jelly beans on the table).

Yes I AM starting on the Get Fit With Me challenge again.  
We will be announcing a new venture the first of the week...anyone know a good boxing instructor...that's all Im saying in terms of a hint right now.

Many thanks again to Health 360 for their sponsorship and association with us in presenting this events.

Here's a link to what they're doing


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