Donnybrook, Ken Fallin and Green Letters

So how cool is this?

A scene from Donnybrook at the Irish Rep by the Amazing Ken Fallin.

Here's a link to the post on where you can contact Ken to get prints of his work.


We've also got some other cool links.

And a link to a some scenes from Donnybrook below:

The "What Is A Donnybrook" Cast Interviews Part 1 is up. (And for those of you who cannot's a parody).

You can view the video below:

As you can tell we're having such fun with this show.  The music is to die for and the audiences are heavenly.  

Tickets for the first couple of weeks are pretty tight so I'd log on to the link below and get yours before they're all gone.  

This is a limited run folks!

Click Below:

I have to put the font in green since it is Ireland after all!


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