What Is A Donnybrook Video Part 2


"This well sung, whimsical "Donnybrook" is another bright success during the Irish Rep's 25th anniversary celebration" - Associated Press


Will the cast of Donnybrook begin a new Web Series?

Part 2 of "What Is A Donnybrook?"

Send in your questions for the cast by replying in the comment section on this blog and they just might end up in one of the videos!


Liz said…
Absolutely hilarious videos! You're all great!
When I first became a fan of James Barbour (watching YouTube videos of "A Tale of two Cities"), I thought he'd/you'd be great in Gilbert & Sullivan. Now I see that there might be a venue for that - the Irish Rep! Sullivan's (the composer) father was born in Ireland, and Sullivan did write an "Irish Symphony," so there is some connection to Ireland.
There are a bunch of different shows with many good roles and voice parts. Baritone parts, such as "strephon" in "Iolanthe," or comic leads, such as "Robin Oalapple" in "Ruddigore," or "Jack Point" in "The Yeomen of the Guard" (a particularly challenging acting role), would be excellent for Mr. Barbour. And I think the rest of the troup could also find some great parts for themselves.

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