American Cancer Society

What a night...WHAT A NIGHT!

Tonight was just incredible.  

Jeremy Roberts (my MD), Jason Quinn (my TD/SM), Carl Cassella (Sound), Roberta Nusim (co-producer) and I raced out to New Jersey from the city, entered an incredibly beautiful home and did a 90 minute set with an amazing crowd.  

We raised some great money for the American Cancer Society and had fun in the process.

This is a cause near and dear to me.  
I lost both my parents to Cancer, 
I lost my god-mother to cancer and 
my aunt to cancer and I lost my Grand Mother to cancer.  

It's an insidious disease.  And I'm happy to be a small part of trying to eradicate it from the planet.  
It's a long tough battle but we've got to keep walking...right?  

I vividly remember when I realized that I could never again pick up the phone and speak with my mother or my father.  It was a sobering day, a sad day (still is in a way).  My parents will never see my child with their own eyes, will never hold her hand in theirs, will never hear her infectious laughter.  

But at the same time their lives brought so many people joy, so many people were touched by them individually and I saw that effect too.  

What they left behind should be celebrated not mourned.  What they left behind will continue to fertilize the world through the people they touched, who will then touch others in their own way.  

Each of us are like the pages of a book.  Think of how may different lives went into making just one book.  So it is with one persons life from beginning to end.  Each contact, each connection in some minute way affecting a life just like they affect the creation of a book. And that story is there for eternity.  

So when I am confronted with the sadness of loss or the questions of uncertainty I remember to keep walking.  Just keep moving forward in life.

The minute we give up or give in we've lost.  
And I've learned never to give up...never. 

There might be temporary set backs in our lives, obstacles that may at the time seem unsurmountable but the only way out is through them.  We have to keep going and eventually the light will shine.  Eventually night time will yield the glowing light of the morning sun.  

So it is equal in my vision with organizations such as The American Cancer Society.  It's that relentless fight against the oppression of the disease. Though the battle is tough it is through the battle we strive to save lives and to make better those who have been stricken   Battling to keep their spirit alive in them, in us and alive in the world.

You want to make a difference this Holiday Season? 
Give the gift of life, give the gift of hope, give the gift of possibilities.

Give a gift to The American Cancer Society.  

We've got a couple more shows here in NYC.  The first night of Birdland is basically SOLD OUT.  Last I was told we had something like three tickets left for Sunday night
 and we've only got a few seats left for Monday.

Don't miss this year.  
Birdland is incredible and we're going to have an absolute blast!

Tickets to the Sunday December 12th Show
Tickets to the Monday December 13th Show


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