Holy Moly!

We are having some FUN, FUN, FUN!  

Mill Valley, California was absolutely incredible.  
I had a special guest up there named 
Kimberly Jensen...just stellar.  

For those of you who have not visited that part of the country it's incredible.  Beautiful and scenic, great people and a great support for the arts.   This is definitely a city we are going back to next year (and next year is just around the corner).

The Magic Castle was...Magic.

How cool to be in that environment around all that History.  
We filled the room with fun and frivolity and some great music.  
My guests blew the roof off the place.

I'll have photos pretty soon.

And now...back to where it all began.  


First we've got the Fundraiser in NJ and then it's BIRDLAND!

I am so Jazzed (no pun intended) to get there and sing.  It's a tremendous venue.

We've got some amazing guests and some surprises as well.

December 12th

December 13th



Kathryn said…
I had a scheduling conflict and missed the Mill Valley concert (practically my backyard!). So glad to hear it went well. Yes, it is a beautiful area and so supportive of the arts! The Marin Theatre Company is made up of amazing people. Please come back soon! Happy Holidays!

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