Birdland #1

Holy Ka-Schmoly Batman!

SOLD OUT night # 1 at Birdland.

The crowd was amazing and the die for.  
The guests were stellar, Jim Caruso the funniest man alive and it was great to have Jeremy at the keys..

We had an incredible rendition of "4 Calling Ducks," & "4 Flying Birds"during our 12 Days Of Christmas.

I got some more Jelly beans (which is always nice) and we did a great giveaway.

One more night in NYC before I'm off to my next city.  So come on down...I think there are only a few tickets left for tomorrow night so get 'em while their...

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andrew said…

Thanks for another amazing show ! You always make our Holiday !!

Have a wonderful holiday season !


Mei, Andrew & Keona Skye

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