All things...and then some

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  

That's Happy Chinese New Year (runs in the family now).

Had some amazing meetings today...really gearing up for a tremendous Spring concert series.  

And it all starts with Birdland.  OK not really, I've got a private concert in California on Friday but heck...who's keeping score.  

Get those tickets for Birdland folks we're selling pretty well and we are a month away.


Here's a link to the Holiday Concert Page with some cool updates  LINK

You'll be able to see the series as it rolls out by visiting the page and as always the page as well.

And the infamous Twitter account.   Click and and follow my twits...tweets, whatever.  TWITTER ME

I've been following some twitter accounts and for the life of me I have no real understanding why anyone would want to tweet every second of their life!

"I'm at such and such a restaurant."  "Now I'm at the movies." "Now I'm in the bathroom."  "I am now flushing..." Enough for cryin' out loud!

That said, follow my tweets @james_barbour  

"I am now eating jelly beans."  

And get those tickets.  We're gonna have a blast (and I promise to have my pants this time).


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