We're going to be running a little contest here in the not so distant future.

And yes...we'll actually have some prizes.

Make sure you sign up on the the home page for the newsletter and get on the Twitter to follow me as we head into the next couple of weeks before LOVE SONGS at Birdland.

Contest rules and other coolio neat stuff will be release real soon.



There's a great song from Queen that I'm thinking about throwing into the LOVE SONGS Concert.  I sang it way back when I was a part of the musical workshop of "QUEEN." That show eventually turned into "We Will Rock You."  The version I did was MUCH different.  It was the life story of Freddie Mercury. And incredible cast, Michael Cerveris, John Cameron Mitchell, Brian D'Arcy James, Orfeh, Wilson Heredia and Kristen Chenoweth.  Pretty stellar.

Anyway there's an incredible song I'd like to I will.

Get on those links above and if you haven't gotten your tickets to the show What Are You Waiting For?


I've got an idea for a reality spin off from Glee.  
I'm calling it "Spree." 
We give people who have been through hardship a 
chance to win a free shopping Spree.  
All they have to do is sing a song to lift someone's spirit.

See music can bring joy in more ways than one.


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