The Contest Begins Now

OK so the contest begins now!

Here are the rules:

- There will be two questions.  

- The first question will be posted here at the end of this blog.  

- You have until Thursday, February 24th at 10 am EST to answer question one. 

- Your answer must be posted in the "comment" section of this Blog.  

The winner of question one will receive one signed (by James and Jill Santoriello) DVD of the International Televised Concert of A Tale Of Two Cities.

- The Bonus question will appear in the upcoming Newsletter (so you have to make sure you sign up for it).


- Instructions for the Bonus question will be in that Newsletter.  

The winner of the Bonus Question will receive one signed (by James and Jill Santoriello) CD of the International Cast Recording Of A Tale Of Two Cities.

One caveat:  You can't win both prizes.  Which means that if you win contest 1 you can't win contest 2. 

But make sure you enter both contests as we'll be announcing the winners at the same time so if you don't win the first, you just might win the second.


Q: In Charles Dickens novel "A Tale Of Two Cities", what is the name of the coachman who drove the Dover mail in which Jarvis Lorry is a passenger?



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