Kids, Time and Energy

Ok gang...

So in my ever diligent quest to stay healthy (as I get older) and being an older parent, I'm finding it increasingly taxing on my body to do the things I used to take for granted.

Funny...I always heard my parents saying things like that and I can distinctly remember thinking..."That'll never happen to me."  Ahhh youth.  Well it IS happening to me.  It's just the process of aging.  However...we CAN combat those things by staying as healthy as possible.

Eating the right foods, getting enough exercise and sleep AND supplementing our diets with the right nutrients.  Dr. Ray Strand MD talks on his website about how we cannot get everything we need from the food we eat.  It's simply not possible anymore considering the toxins in the environment.  

So as my wife and I push our bodies harder and harder to keep up with the crazy pace we live (and love living by the way) AND have the energy to raise a 3 and a 13 week old, we have to supplement with the right nutrients.

Some of you might remember my blogs about "addiction" to Chai Lattes...well I've begun to replace those Lattes with a product called Rejuveniix.  It's non GMO, and an all natural energy boost.  Forget the 5 hour energy drink...forget Red Bull.  See below.

I'm telling you folks I've been taking this product and it's incredible.  This is the natural energy boost I needed without the caffeine jitters, without the sugar.  

The folks at team at HEALTH 360 have been great in teaching me about this.  If you are a student, a mom or dad, or simply need that extra boost at work...try this.  I'm telling you you'll like it.  

You can go to and become a preferred customer.  It's what I did.  You can get a pretty hefty discount on the products.

In the mean time I'm going to try and link some more information about this when I can get the Health360 team on the line. 

I'll be bouncing a new concept soon as well.  Looks like the beginning of April.  Let me know how you like the Rejuveniix when I see you there!


Liz said…
I've been trying and trying to leave you a comment, but my computer has me stymied. I've become a huge "cyber-fan"of yours - meaning I've only seen your work on video clips on line - but I'm VERY impressed by your talent and technique. Plus, you're very funny, and seem very nice. I'm going to try AGAIN now, to see if I can get on this blog.

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