A Scam?, The Economy? and Your Dreams!

Hey gang...I'm adding a link to this page that will take you to a video by my friend Tim Sales. 

Tim is a very succesful business man, he's been interviewed by Larry King, and is just an all around great guy.

You know me...I'm all about h
elping. This economy sucks and Tim, who as I mentioned has become very successful in his life, is reaching out to people who need or want to improve their life.

As I've mentioned, I've been using the ARIIX products, non GMO, organic and chemical free supplements as I drop the weight for my next gig. Well, Tim works with ARIIX which is how I discovered the supplements in the first place.

As I began looking at the ARIIX products I naturally looked at the company and I found that they not only create amazing products but they allow others the opportunity to a create a home business through ARIIX.

I immediately thought...oh yeah..."another one of those home based business scams."

Then I realized "wait a minute...I've never really looked at the details of what a home based business actually is. How can I endorse products unless I know about the company that produces them? That's sheer ignorance."

(By endorse I mean talk about them publicly...I'm not paid to do this nor do I get free products or free anything. I buy them like everyone else).

So I decided to get out of my ignorance and do some research.

This video is what Tim sent to me to watch first. I watched it and I now have a very different view.

Take a look, make up your own mind and if you want to join Tim on his journey...send me a message and I can steer you in his direction.

I'm just so tired of seeing people struggling, not making ends meet, not being able to spend time with their families.

And in terms of my artist friends, not being able to pursue their dreams because they have to wait tables all day just so that they can pay their rent.

Well, maybe this can help. Keep an open mind...I did and I changed my viewpoint after watching this video.  

Here's the link:



Liz said…
I don't know from ARIIX - I just want to "endorse" the new CD, "Bring Me Giants." No, I'm not getting paid, either! I just ordered, and received, the CD, and may I say, it's WONDERFUL! There! I said it, and you can't stop me! As a voice teacher, I've assigned "The Music of the Night" to several students - some of whom are baritones - and I've heard it done by a number of people. But your version seems to me BY FAR the best I've ever heard. I've always thought the "Phantom" should be a baritone.

You'd also make a very good "Valjean" (even tho' it's written for a tenor. But don't overlook "Javert" - his song, "Stars," is one of the best in the show, and he's a very interesting character. The "mother" (or is it "father?") of all "DBG's" is "Sweeney Todd." You have GOT to play that part!

Again, I'm getting no reimbursement from these comments - except maybe to help convince more people that we have a real treasure here!

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