Night Notes

I'm very lucky to lead an interesting, full and fulfilled life and when I look at the world and those who struggle to reach their goals and reams I'm motivated to help.  Actually motivated isn't the right word...I have this inner fire that is pushing me and I mean DRIVING me to help others.  

We've all faced obstacles in our lives of one sort or another.  Some big, some small and those that might seem small to you might be mountains to others.  We have people who tell us we can't, we'll never, we won't.  

We might have haters, naysayers, party poopers and all they represents is noise.  These naysayers and haters are actually indicators that you're SUCCEEDING.  Yes, that's right...when people see you striving for your goals, reaching for your dreams and they seek to push you down and try to stop you...all that means is that you're on the right path.  

You're doing, you're working, you're moving forward while they sit and watch YOU doing what they can't, couldn't or won't.  So they, in turn,  seek to diminish you for your achievements to justify their own failures.

As I've written many many times...the responsibility for success or failure lies only within yourself.  It has nothing to do with the external forces around you.  There are far too many examples of people who have come from nothing, faced incredible odds and who have achieved their goals and dreams despite the "external" reality of their lives. 

It IS possible.  You CAN do it and I want to help if I can.

I'm going to be launching a series of online modules dedicated to motivating, inspiring and teaching us all how to reach our goals and dreams.  I'm going to have special guests, interviews, educational how to's and a full host of programs that you'll be able view with additional downloadable content, e-books and more.  

I'm very excited about this which is why I'm writing this blog post at 1am in the morning!  

Let the haters hate, let the naysayers nay...turn off the noise and rise above it like a Phoenix from the ashes.  Then...when it's all said and done...let's go back and help THEM reach their goals and dreams.  After all, we are all the same, we are all walking the same planet and if we return that "hate" with love and compassion it will all melt away.

I invite you to join me on this journey.  Join me in the quest to make all of our dreams come true.

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I look forward to sharing your dreams and your journeys!


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