The Power Of Fear

Fear has always been a great motivator, a great suppressor and dare I say a great means of controlling others.  We've all heard the phase "Frozen like a deer in headlights" frozen with fear.  

Have you ever been so fearful that you've been stuck?  This fear could come in any form, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of dogs, cats, clowns, the Easter bunny.  Fear of not reaching our potential.

Actions are taken for a reason even is not immediately obvious.  Planned acts of violence are often met with the masses responding in fear, lock down, stasis, freezing us where we are, daring us to leave our homes, take the bus, fly in a plane...for fear of the same.  It attempts to suppress us to lose hope, compassion and instead tries to turn us into cowering minions.

Confronting the evil in the world is a hard thing to do...probably one of the hardest.  Do I think there IS evil in the world...yes.  But I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of the world is good.  The good far outweighs the bad.  

In fact I bet that if all the truly good people were to stand face to face with all the evil the number of good would so overwhelm the bad that they would then be the ones to cower.

You are a powerful being.  You are the light that shines in this universe.  Nothing and NO ONE can douse that light but you.  You have the power within you to stand tall in the face of "fear" walk toward your destiny in spite of those attempting to make you cower.  What are the evil are truly afraid of?  They fear the good prevailing and prospering.

It is my belief that only when we, humanity, as a whole come together can we truly resolve the problems we face globally. We are one people.  Our hearts beat the same, we all love our children and our friends and our families. In essence that makes us all one giant family called the human race.  

So stand up! Be bright, walk tall and never, never lose hope for that hope lies within you.


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