What's Stopping You?

I've written about this many times including the New Year's Resolution blog a couple of months ago. By now you'll know if you've stuck to that resolution or like most people, put it on the shelf to think of it another day.

Commitment to your goal is essential if you want to reach it.  Let's say you decided to walk to the grocery store but halfway there just stopped turned left and started walking home.  It's a simple concept but one we don't always put into play fully in our lives.

Take the subject of health.  I made a decision a few years ago to address what I had been neglecting...my health.  I've always been incredibly health conscious but for one reason or another I stopped, turned the other way and started walking "home" rather than trying committed to my health.

That's why we launched this website: www.BroadwayFit.com  It's the same program that I went through over 2 1/2 years ago that got me back on track. As many of you have read, I lost 34.6 lbs in just over 6 weeks with no exercise.  

It's a healthy and all natural program that literally changed my life.  I encourage those of you who have struggled with similar issues, men and women alike, to take a look at the website.  

We want to help you on your journey. 

There's also a great video by my friends Bob Duggan and Grant Cardone that speaks to the necessity of commitment.  It's about the Genius in you.

Take a look here:



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