Thrive Thrusdays

Hope and Help.

For those of you who are not aware I do LIVE Facebook feeds every Thursday.  We call them Thrive Thursdays and they are focused on just that...Thriving.  

So often we get bogged down into the doldrums of life and feel overwhelmed and burdened by the pressures which can affect how we look at life, attack life and live life.

There is a solution to that and the community we are building is a vital part of that equation.  We are all on this planet together and even though we might not agree with our neighbors viewpoint or opinion, the cold hard truth is that we are all attempting to do the same thing.  Live and survive as best we can.  

It's why I created that "What If" video that you can find on my Facebook page by clicking HERE   And while you're on the page click the follow button.  You'll be alerted when we go LIVE every Thursday.


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