I asked this question of some friends the other day.

Who are you? 

Are you a person who aligns themself with a group even though all of the viewpoints of that group might not necessarily align with your own? 

Do you laugh at jokes made by friends at the expense of another even though you would hate to be laughed at yourself?

It's a tough call sometimes.  There's that need to "fit in" and to be "part of the group" yet sometimes fitting in means compromising your own viewpoints.

I've certainly been there myself and am guilty of giving up my personal viewpoints for the sake of connecting and trying to feel like I belong.

Peer pressure is not just a thing from our youth, we find it in social groups and work environments as we grow older.

Here's the tricky part, we might not even be aware that we're doing it.  We can bush it off to, "This is my close circle of friends and I would never say this in public." etc. etc. etc.

The question is do you hold onto your viewpoint despite the pressure to do otherwise?

You can.  Be you!  Be free to be uniquely you.  It's what makes YOU....YOU!

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