Art, Money and Success

Make no mistake the life of a professional artist is the life of an entrepreneur.  

     We are creative salespeople pressing forward in a daunting and challenging field that presents very little chance of success and most of that success, despite common thoughts, depends upon us.  

     Sure there are other people involved in the process of creating art and its success or failure.  If you're a fine artists, painter, sculptor etc there are still other people involved in your art and you becoming a success you must rely on the art dealer and art buyers otherwise you are creating in a vacuum and that is not a profession. 

     There are also the paying audiences who buy tickets to film, concerts and theatre.  All of these people play a large part in the success of an artist. 

     However, the biggest factor is the artist themselves.  If they don't create, if they don't motivate themselves to DO something to Create Something then they will never have success.

     If a painter never paints there will be no painting, if a singer never sings they will create no music, you get the idea.  This is just the first step in the process of getting your art, your creations out into the world.


     Do, make, build, sing, paint, act, dance, write.  Then and this is key...learn how to sell.  Selling is not a bad word.  You need to learn how to market yourself so that your art is actually seen and then there is an exchange for that art.  

     Yes, you are investing yourself into your creations and yes they will hopefully have an impact on the world but unless the world sees it, that impact is left sitting in your garage covered with an oil cloth.


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