Have you forgotten?

Remember when you were young and your imagination was the thing that ruled the day? 

Creating stories, going places, continual dreams and aspirations of the great adventures. 

Becoming an astronaut, a singer, a fireman, a doctor, president, meeting aliens, flying like superman, BEING a superhero, a princess, a ballerina...

Well what happened?

Have you forgotten those dreams, those thoughts, those creations?  Have you given up on making them a reality?  

Even if you'll never fly like superman there is true power and freedom in imagining that you can.

I was faced with something a few years ago, something I never thought I'd face. During that time I learned that no matter what limitations surrounded me, my thoughts and imagination were NEVER limited.  I could think, dream and create whatever I chose.  

The truth is that we are only limited by what we see in ourselves, by what we create as our own inner reality.

True freedom lies within you.  You are limitless.  

'No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we become free.'

        - Gautama Buddha


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