So I'm gearing up for the Monday night concert at Feinstein's. It's gonna be a ton o' fun.  

The show sched for 1776 has been a bit daunting hence my lack of posts these past few days.  But that said...I'm getting back to it. 

Here's a story about Monday nights concert on Broadway World.com.  Take a peek.

BroadwayWorld Story

There will also be a discount code going out Saturday to all of those who signed up for the newsletter.  Again, all proceeds got to The Actor's Fund and it's all tax deductible!


dmichaud said…
Congrats on your nominations, Tony next? I only wish I could see you
in 1776, but being in Florida
no chance. I hope you get back to
Sarasota sometime. Have a great Birthday.
Artistic1 said…
A very HAPPY day on your birthday, James! Hope the year that follows brings many dreams come true for you, and deserved success :)
Artistic1 said…
BTW...I, for one, am very happy that you got back to your posts...you are missed.
Artistic1 said…
I was not aware of your new nominations. Great and...CONGRATS!
andrew said…


Anonymous said…
Your show was as usual great. Your performances are like a fine wine as they get better and better.
Now you can get some rest for a few hours.

Rae and I look forward to seeing you again and again.

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