So here I sit, sharing a dressing room with the great Robert Cuccioli.  

We've moved into the theatre and are in the midst of tech.  Actually just started our second day of tech.

We're having a blast.  The fun part about this show is that we're all on the stage for most of the show so the through line of the characters must be vivid.  

I like shows such as this because they don't really give you a chance to "let your guard down" on stage.  Not that one should anyway, but given the intricacies of this show and the fact that each character depends upon's a must to stay within the show moment to moment.

It's also a bit of a departure for me...still a D.B.G. but not the romantic, per se.  My character is from South Carolina so there is a bit of romance in the Southern Aristocracy but none in the literal sense.

Looking forward to see you all out here.  It's not that far from the city and a very easy trip to make either by car or train.

Back to the stage....


andrew said…
Will be there on the 25th !!!

Cant wait !!

Andrew & Mei
Anonymous said…
Rae and I will be there on the 24th
and we also cant wait

Evan and Rae
Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I will see you on
April 24th. Hawaii was awesome.
We met a veteran who knows your dad.


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