Friday Fun

Well thankfully the market is up!  We just need to stay the course and we'll get back o where we need to be.

On another note, we're doing some touch ups in the theatre today.  Tightening and fixing. We've got a great bunch of people working very diligently on this project.  

We're in an interesting business.  We work so hard on a project and in this case it has a very limited run.  It's not like we're making widgets or coffee mugs. What we do is fleeting.  It's here and then it's gone.  Even in performance.  We have no DVD, there are no re-runs and you can't catch it on cable. 

That's the nature of theatre.  Moment to moment and once it's's over.  But there is something special to that as well. We are a part of something rare.  I felt that way when we were doing Assassins.  

It was one of those rare moments in the theatre when things came together to create a truly remarkable moment in Time.  That experience will stay with me forever. 

But back to 1776.  We officially open on Sunday night and have just a four week run.  Come on out from the city to see us.  You'll have a great night.

And don't forget I'm doing a concert to benefit The Actor's Fund on Monday April 27h at Feinstein's.   You can only get tickets through the Feinstein's website.


Kathy said…
My theater craving will be happily satisfied by seeing 1776 next month. Very excited.

And after seeing Constantine at your holiday show, I am wanting to plan a Rock of Ages outing too. So much theater, so little time!
Artistic1 said…
...the magic of is indeed a very special and rare thing you do. And, for those of us who love Theater, it hits us in the same way, to witness such moment in time...

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