Two Shows

Two shows on a Thursday....interesting schedule.  

The stage of the Paper Mill set is on a rake, which means that it's angled toward the audience.  At first glance it doesn't seem to be that bog of a deal.  But walking on it over and over and over can wreak havoc on your body. 

You are basically walking, standing and sitting on a slope for almost three hours a day (sometimes twice a day).  Long story kills my back but I'm a big proponent of stretching so it sort of offsets any physical anomalies.

I am pleased that we have such a strong group.  One advantage to sitting onstage during the show is that I get to watch everyones performances.  It's sort of like when we did Assassins.  I sat in awe some nights watching the performances of Denis O'Hare, Michael Cerveris and the rest of gang.  Same goes with this show.  It's like I'm going to school everyday, learning new things.


Garrett said…
congrats on your drama desk nom for Sydney!!!
Marsha said…
James, Glad to hear that you are so busy, I know you enjoy staying busy. I miss your frequesnt blogs and hearing about Dana and Hudson. How are they doing? What is Hudson's latest feat? Wish I lived closer to New York where all of the excitement is taking place. Texas is way too far away!

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