Concert Stuff and Grand Tour

We had our opening of The Grand Tour tonight at The York.  We had a blast. 

We got the script on Monday and had our first audience tonight.  Talk about being shot out of a cannon...literally as there is a scene where that happens in the show.

Come down and see it, we've got 4 shows left this weekend.  You'll have a load of fun.

My concert on June 27th will be a mix of many different songs. A mix of some of the LOVE SONGS concert, the Broadway stuff from THE HOLIDAY CONCERT and a few more that have yet to be heard.  

Tickets go on sale on June 2nd.  It's not that far away.  For those of you who live in the city, you can take the Long Island Railroad right into Hempstead and it's only a couple of minutes from there.  Do a's easy.


Dementor said…
Seeing Grand Tour tomorrow at the matinee and looking forward to it very much!
Artistic1 said…
Congratulations on a great success for The Grand Tour :)
Artistic1 said…
We miss your posts...hope you are well.
Love everything you have done lately.

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